SAW Jigsaw Billy Hanging Prop Latex

Item #: 14675

SAW Jigsaw Billy Hanging Prop Latex

John Kramer's helper as evil horror latex figure

The ultra-sadistic serial killer John Kramer (also known as Jigsaw) from the US movie hit SAW, used his little ventriloquist's dummy Billy to deliver to embassies and torturing his victims.A film of the series SAW without the sinister ventriloquist's dummy Billy is unthinkable!

Billy is ca.40cm tall and made of soft, foam filled latex and has a head strap.Ideal as a decoration for your home, the car or the stroller.Saw products as SAW door decoration with LEDs . SAW Pig Pig Mask . SAW Pig Costume. S or the legendary tricycle (see also SAW Jigsaw doll on tricycle 30cm ) Are of course also available!