Redhead vampire bat with LED eyes

Item #: 18231

Redhead vampire bat with LED eyes

The absolute hit the redheaded vampire bat with LED eyes as Dekohänger

The redheaded vampire bat is already turned the color of blood in the hair and so has attacked funny bat on the head and hands, over shaggy, auburn hair.The bloodthirsty vampire bat has a gaping wide mouth with long white fangs, red LED eyes and huge bat ears.

The red-haired vampire bat is a hanging figure with flexible arms and long gray shreds dress of gunny cloth.With the vampire bat in the approach can be prima decorate your Halloween party.The flexible arms of Halloween hanging prop and the eye-catching red, glowing eyes ensure additional creepiness.Halloween Hanging figures are the Steinwand film and Artificial cobwebs 60gr. a simple yet very very effective Halloween decoration.The red-haired vampire bat is powered by 3 AG13 button cell batteries included.

Material: plastic and burlap fabric,

Led eyes about90cm x 50