Pop Devil / Knallerbsen 50 pieces

Item #: 13603

Pop Devil / Knallerbsen 50 pieces

Bang Devils - the joke items Vintage guarantees which always Lacher

Knallerbsen are the perfect means to someone to scare vigorously and crooked glee and buckllig laughing.The small white crackers are simply thrown to the ground and cause a terrible bang!

Suitable both as revenge for miserly people when candy collect on Halloween and scare at the carnival to people.

Delivery.1 x Pop Devil / Knallerbsen

  • Contents 50 pieces
  • Youth free from 12 years
  • Available all year
  • Fireworks Category 1

Sale to persons under 12 prohibited! Delivery / storage permitted only in unopened original packing.Use only outdoors! Risk of fire or blast or throw pieces.Keep away from heat / sparks / open flames / hot surfaces.Do not smoke.