Skull candle chandelier

Item #: 16367

Skull candle chandelier

4- armed candlestick with skulls

To transform your home into a creepy haunted mansion or an eerie haunted house, this skull candle chandelier is simply unavoidable.That your, with Steinwand film and Cobweb 40gr white. decorated apartment in the glow of candles looks even more sinister, should be clear.If the candles still stuck candles in this impressive skull chandelier, the better.

The severe skull candle chandelier is geferftigt as real chandeliers of iron.At four points of the lowermost ring four curved elements are attached to those four about Faust Large skull mounted.This skull in turn contribute to their skulls, the shells of the candles.The skull candle chandelier is a moody Halloween decoration makes your next Gruselparty for sinister success.

  • Delivery: 1 x Skull candle chandelier
  • Color: Black / Beige
  • Size: Overall Diameter Approx32 cm
    Diameter bottom ring: ca.21 cm
    Total height with chain: ca.60 cm
    Skulls: ca.14 cm, width ca.9 cm
  • Material: Metal and polyresin