Decay Duftspray 30ml

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Decay Duftspray 30ml

Foul-smelling spray for proper horror atmosphere!

Besides creepy decorations you also need a suitable room scent, so that your Halloween party feels authentic.With the decay Duftspray you unite the smell of death, rot and mildew in a small bottle and it can radiate at will.But be careful with too much smell the horror Duftöl attracts perhaps real zombies and monsters in!

The decay Duftspray in the vial has been a practical atomizer, with distributing the putrid smell is super light.It's best to sprühst it on old scraps of cloth that you can hang then distributed throughout the room, or directly to your Halloween decorations.But be careful that you do not sprühst it on furniture, because the pungent smell does not go away so easily again.Also on the skin and in the respiratory tract, the fragrance spray should not reach.

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Information for decay Spray:

  • 1 bottle with sprayer
  • Content:30ml
  • Odor: rotting, mildew, rot ("Rotting Decay")

Warning Warning! The fragrance spray is only suitable for adults, not toys for children! The fragrance spray can be sprayed only on selected decorative objects, not on furniture or.ä.! The fragrance spray should not come into direct contact with the skin and should not be inhaled directly!