Creepy Horror garden fence

Item #: 14558

Creepy Horror garden fence

Garden fence with skulls as decoration as Halloween Decoration

Mysteriously, creepy garden fence with 6 impaled skulls, gray / black gauze decorated! The old garden fence of an old abandoned horror house is ideal as a room divider or to spaces and objects for Halloween party guests to mark it as inaccessible and to protect the witches buffet before gierigenen zombies before it is opened.

The eerie, rotten fence can be easily re-use after zusammengefalltet.The old garden fence has the dimension of approx. 79cm high and pulled apart about107cm long.

Package included: 1 x creepy horror garden fence
  • Colour: Grey
  • Size: ca.79 cm, extendable to 107 cm
  • Material: Wood, Cheese Cloth