Spider with long legs

Item #: 21262

Spider with long legs

Get yourself spinning leg in masses for your Witch's Kitchen

As a witch you need for Halloween and Walpurgisnacht enough witches potions, but the recipe calls for to spider leg.The long-legged spider has enough leg for the double dose of witches potion, but can also render their services as witches pet.

The plastic spider with long legs is particularly well equipped in the leg area, but it has only two visible eyes.The span of the legs is approx. 20 cm.The toy spider fits great with other Halloween decorations such as crawling animal Fette Leichenfliege 12 St. , Cockroaches 10 Pack and the Maden UV luminous (48 St) .

Material : Plastic
Color : Black, Brown, Green
Next clamping of the legs : About20 cm.