Mummified Zombie Animatronic

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Mummified Zombie Animatronic

With this animated prop you can create a mega spooky ambiance!

James used to be a faithful servant until, one day, he unsuspectingly opened the door war and was attacked by zombies. The undead transformed him into one of their kind. His employer Sir Moffrey, a merciless zombie and ghost hunter, had to kill James immediately. He had him embalmed and he became a mummified undead. This way he can carry on with his job and welcome Sir Moffrey's gusests at the door.

The Mummified Zombie Animatronic comes with a four-legged base. The zombie torso has movable arms that can be bent into several positions. Our animated zombie torso has a foam latex zombie head with light-up LED eyes that moves from side to side while making spooky sounds and noises. This zombie prop is a great decoration for spooky events and halloween parties, ghost trains and haunted houses. Match the Mummified Zombie Animatronic with some of our other animated decorations, such as the Screaming Ghost in a Barrel, the screaming head in spinning cocoon LED or the Crawling monster hand! Check out our shop for more cool decoration ideas!

  • Turns head left and right
  • Spooky sounds and noises
  • Light up LED eyes
  • Movable arms
  • Four-legged base included
  • Size: approx. 95 cm high, span: approx. 137 cm

Please note: The included batteries are only for testing purposes!