Metallic Balloons by 50 pc

Item #: 8802068

Metallic balloons 50 St.sorted

Colorful, shiny metallic balloons as party decoration

The colorful metallic balloons you can gestallten a fantastic party decoration.The colorful assorted balloons provide a colorful environment and the birthday party is decorated unique highlight.

The colorful assorted metallic balloons are made of natural rubber and come in a pack of 50 pieces.When inflated, the latex balloons in size up to 27.5 cm.and can also be used with helium.With a larger amount of inflated balloons we recommend you to use two way pump a balloon.The colorful assorted balloons have the following colors: yellow, light green, dark green, blue, red, silver and gold.

  • Scope of delivery: Metallic balloons 50 St.
  • Color: yellow, light green, dark green, blue, red, silver and gold
  • Material: 100% natural rubber
  • Size: inflatable up to27.5 cm
Warning: balloons are not suitable for children under 6 years and always require adult supervision.If swallowed uninflated balloons risk of suffocation.Burst balloons must be removed immediately.Keep away from eyes.
The use of a balloon pump is recommended.,