50 Colorful balloons

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50 Colorful balloons

Stained-sized balloons as Event Decoration & Event Accessories

With the many colorful balloons is a great party decoration can conjure.Whether it is for your event to a wedding, a birthday or a company event, a lot of colorful balloon always create a cheerful atmosphere.The colorful balloons are made of high quality latex and have inflated a stately size of about30 cm in diameter.

The 50 colorful balloons are sorted in eight different colors: red, light blue, pink, dark blue, orange, white and yellow.When inflated, the balloons Party about 30 cm in diameter possess.In order 50 pieces inflate colored balloons, a balloon pump or an electric balloon inflator recommended to use it.These can be found under Balloon accessories in our shop.

  • delivery : 50 Colorful balloons
  • color : Red, light blue, pink, dark blue, orange, white and yellow
  • material 100% natural rubber latex
  • diameter : Ca.30cm