Car Glass Grabber Decal Zombie

Item #: 19967

Car Glass Grabber Decal Zombie

Turn your car into a ride from hell!

Declan used to be just like you and me. Denn he fell victim to the zombie epidemic and turned into a slowly decaying, aggressive zombie. Unfortunately he was seeking shelter in the boot of your car when he the outbreak hit him. He has not left your car so far and he better stays trapped in it becasue his condition is deteriorating by the minute. He has alredystarted to lose parts of his body and of his former self!

The Car Glass Grabber Decal Zombie is the perfect car decoration when doing your Halloween shopping or when riding through the city on Halloween night. The decal will stick to smooth surface and removes easily after use. The Car Glass Grabber includes two decals: the zombie torso with head and right hand and an extra decal with the left hand which you can position where it looks best on you car. Check out our great selection of cool horror decorations for your house and garden in our shop! How about pepping up your front garden with a creepy Jason Voorhees grave stone or a spooky Creepy Horror garden fence.

  • Two-piece Car Glass Grabber Decal Zombie
  • Frightful fun during rush hour!

How to apply the decal:

Thoroughly clean the window before applying the decal and wet it with soapy water. This will give you the time to adjust the position of the decal and the remove trapped air by pushing outwards from the centre. Best use your thenar or a spatula to do so.