Pfurz Spray 50ml

Item #: 18175

Pfurz Spray 50ml

The Pfurz Spray is a really malodorous Novelty Item

A stinking classic among joke articles is the Pups Spray! By Pfurz spray you get every boardroom in the town hall empty, who is one the recent diet increase, the representatives of the people against the grain, while the shit is us to the neck !.The Pfurz spray ensures that the least crappy smell of nepotism in this country is to smell.Clear can the Pups Spray used anywhere where there a tremendous stink and you just can not produce the necessary flatulence to this known to do.

The Pfurz spray has heated an extremely strict fragrance and even a freshly embedded infant diaper with dog crap in the microwave, is not able to beat our Pups Spray !.The smelly spray of Pups Spray is as fun stuff for Halloween or April Fool malodorous and contains about50ml Eau De Toilette worst.A great joke article should be a staple in any joker with stink bombs.

1 x Pfurz Spray
  • Size: 50ml Content