Alien slime reagent glass of red

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Alien slime reagent red glass

Super slimy Slimy with Alien as a figure

The original Alien slime reagent glass of red is a brilliant gift for fans of the cult television series The X-Files and bersinnlichen.Schleimgeflltes the test tube was stored originally in the mysterisen Area 51 smuggled out there.It is based on the successful since the end of 1976 Slime.Filled the Testrhrchen with red Glibberschleim in which Ekelschleim a small alien was still preserves the floating therein.Science fiction fans have this fun stuff and also a great fun for Halloween and carnival parties is the Ekelspielzeug a blast.

The size of the Reagenzglasses betrgt about 3 cm in diameter, the length about 9.5 cm.A little alien of about 4cm size is trapped in the Wabbelmasse.The toy mucus feels slippery and wet on, but the hands stay dry.The Wabbelschleim you can pass the time and hour long play, you can hpfen him and let zerfliesen and makes funny bubbles with a straw.Many other Slimy toys such as Brilliant orange slime and Mini Blood Slime Infusion there is to be found in the range.