Surfer Short black Cat GR.32

Item #: GO 1691 32 3

Surfer Shorts Black Cat Size 32

Is there a heaven and a hell? Millions of people ask themselves this question every day. Some think thatheaven and hell are to be found on earth. And they are right! The trendy Surfer Shorts Black Cat are just great and you can wear heaven and hell at the same time. Match them with our Red Angel and Heart T Shirt M ! The surfer pants with devil design and praying hands are a must have for the summer. The knee-length cargo style jams are made of beige cotton and feature different prints like devil, praying woman, stars anda big writing. The Surfer Shorts Black Cat are great summer shorts for punks, bikers and surfers.  The cargo style makes them an all-time classic.

Size: 32

Material: 100 % cotton