Punk knit sweater black and white One Size

Item #: 660217

Punk knit sweater black and white One Size

Punky knit sweater as a highlight every dark outfits!

This knit sweater in punk style you Spice up many Gothic and Emo on outfits.With its chunky knit sweater crochet the acts very sexy and yet super casual.With the black-and-white knit sweater you will in everyday life as well as on punk rockers and festival celebrations catches the eye, because the sweater is decorated with freaky details like cobwebs.

Strip scene are very popular for a long time in the punk and emo.Therefore, our knit sweater is ideal for those who want to combine the typical pattern with punk embellishments.At best you are wearing just a simple black top underneath, since the coarse mesh show a lot of skin and you come over so sexy.In addition to the black and white stripes, the sweater is also decorated with Tüllfetzen, on which there are red cobwebs.The sewn-in zipper at the neckline can be opened to allow your outfit comes across even hotter.The hoodie is cut like a long shirt and therefore looks great with our Metallic Leggings .The Inamagura Gothic Platform Boots used in combination with the knit sweater very well.

When tightening the knitting sweater caution, since you can easily get stuck in the large mesh.

Size: One Size = aroundGr.34-38

Material: 45% mohair, 55% acrylic