Ninja Umbrella

Item #: 660047

 Ninja Umbrella

A mega cool umbrella by Poizen Industries!

This black umbrella is the perfect accessory for all guys who dream about turning into a character from the Kill Bill film or into ninja fighter Jet Li. Men will love this samurai umbrella and they will surely change their minds about carrying an umbrella being a girly thing.

The Ninja Umbrella is a mega funny umbrella, especially designed for guys. At first sight, the extravagant design of this gothic accessory will make you look like a dangerous martial arts fighter. The samurai umbrella looks a little like a Hattori Hanzo sword and it is guaranteed to surprisse you. The umbrella is approx. 110 cm long and features a 27 cm long handle that looks like an authentic Japanese sword grip. The highlight of this katana umbrella is the sheath with attached strap, so you can carry it on your back like an authentic ninja sword. The gothic umbrella also features a small gold-coloured press stud.

With the Slipknot Mask Mick or the Slipknot Mask 133 from our shop, your Ninja Umbrella will look extra cool!