Spider Queen Costume Deluxe

Item #: 21184
Ladies size
  • S / German size 36 
  • M / German size 38 
  • L / German size 40 

Spider Queen Costume Deluxe

In this Spider Queen Costume you can turn yourself into a black widow.

The spider queen is a legendary creature, dreaded by us mortals. If she dissapproves of somebody, she will send a few wolf spiders to teach him a lesson. Men have to fear for their lives, just like the males of the black widow spider that are devoured by the females after copulation.  But the Spider Queen looks so sexy in her dress, men will think it is worth the risk.

The Spider Queen Costume Deluxe includes the gorgeous dress and the black headdress. The dress features three asymmetrically joined layers of fabric. The top layer is a black, cobweb design lace that covers most of the top of the dress, the lower part of the sleeves and the sides of the skirt. The actual corset style top and the top layer of the actual skirt are made of silvery grey shiny cloth.The third and longest layer of the skirt is made of shiny black cloth. The skirt has jagged hemlines and, while being full length in the back, is only knee-length in the front. The headdress is a hairband with a silver glittering spider detail in a black spider web. The same spider detail can be found on the dress on the right hip. With our Silver Glitter Spunwebs & Spiders Tights , a Spider Tattoo Collar  and the Elbow length gloves cobwebs you an add the finishing touches to this gorgeous costume.

  • Includes: dress, hairband
  • Colour: black, silver grey
  • Material 100% polyester
  • Sizes: S,M,L
Measurements S M L
Sleeve length approx. 60 cm approx. 65 cm approx. 68 cm
Waist approx. 32 cm approx. 35 cm approx. 38 cm
Total length approx. 180 cm approx. 195 cm approx. 200 cm