Dr. Menkele costume Gr.S

Item #: 16085 S

Dr.Menkele Costume.S

The butcher is back

The restless spirit of Dr.Menkele, a doctor from one of the two world wars, now must pay for his gruesome crimes.The ominous, evil aura of the surgeon therefore finds no peace of mind.Once one of the cruellest of his profession and he did not hesitate before gruesome experiments on prisoners of war and innocent patients.The dark and spooky Halloween and carnival costume consists of a bloodied lab coat with fake shirt and red tie.The delivery of the costume is one of the ENT mirror and a suitable medical bag.Whom the whole doctor-outfit is not yet dramatic and bloody enough to simply help with Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml and or Film Blood / FX Blood 30ml after.

  • Delivery: 1x Dr.Menkele Costume.S
  • Color: White
  • Size: S
  • Material: 100% Polyester