Black Widow Child Costume 6 to 8 Years

Item #: 14224 L

Black Widow Child Costume 6 to 8 Years

Only a short while ago she was the happiest creature on the planet. She was the most beautiful bride the world had ever seen. But she became a widow on her very wedding day when her husband was decpitated in a tragic accident. She can't stand sunshine nor bright colours ever since. Only at nighttime she goes out 'cause grief has made her malicious. She now uses her beauty to turn men's heads and then beheads them on their wedding night, just like her beloved husband had been beheaded.

A beautiful long Black Widow Child Costume with lace sleeves and neckline, black rose and black lace veil. Match it with a black Fan made lace black and Top screen black .

Size: approx. 6 to 8 years

Material: 100% polyester