Surgeons Costume M

Item #: 18188 M

Surgeons Costume M

Unpleasant and frightening surgical mood you spread certainly fast with the surgeon costume

The blood still sticks to the hands and the doctor's coat is totally blurred.Your gloomy view only hints which have greyish deeds again found on the operating table instead.The gruesome surgeon costume you can at the next party guests shock, because at first glance, no one thinks something evil when you see a doctor.But with you, but it's different because you live your passion for plastic surgery in a very different way from.You become the absolute focus when you wear this costume and your stories tell.

accursed Listen
Drawing attention to you and curl once the guests in your vicinity and then you can start already.In the surgeon costume you will you lose weight every story do you have to report.How about one to spill the beans and tell which celebrity lady has already located on your OP to can inflate the bust.Or which star the fat has to be reduced.
Here, you obviously noticed that here and there would not hurt a small correction.A snip here and a snip there and have seen your patients like completely different people.Goosebumps is guaranteed if these stories are told in this cool surgeon costume.
Moreover, usually the female guests feel magically attracted when they see a man in a lab coat.Use of course these advantages, if you decide at the next costume or fancy dress party for the surgeon costume.

Timeless classic
Furthermore, such a costume is already a timeless classic, which can be boring never.Because it is entirely in your hands, what are you doing out of the costume.Let your imagination absolutely free rein and breathe with your gruesome and grisly stories the costume real life one.

The doctor costume includes the green surgeon shirt, the mouth mask and a surgeon's cap.For the perfect surgeon costume you now only lacks the Survival Knives , the Jar with heart something Blood Gel / Blood Gel 30ml , the Mini Blood Slime Infusion and for your female companion the Sexy hot nurse Gr. M ,In addition, you still find in our Horror Shop the Wrong sexy breasts and even a number of your surgeon costume.

  • Scope of supply: 1 surgeon shirt Mouth Mask, Surgical Cap
  • Color: OP-Grüm
  • Size: M
  • Material: 100% Polyester