Southern Mechanics Shirt

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Southern Mechanics Shirt

The Redneck look for all USA fans!

In the south of the United States of America, you can go calmly under the hot sun. In certain states like Texas, time seems to have stopped. In the southern states there are relatively few inhabitants on a large area. If you want to look like a dingy Texan painter, then get our Southern Mechanic Shirt.

The Texas Texan worker shirt made of polyester forms a check shirt with dungarees. The painted stickers clearly point out that the carrier is a Southern patriot. To make your look perfect for the next USA or Halloween party, we recommend the Redneck Bart As well as the Redneck acrylic teeth ,

  • Material: 100% polyester
size M
overall length approximately 65cm
shoulder width approximately 41cm
waist approximately 45cm