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XXL /44
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Confederate Lady Costume

There were some sexy ladies out there in the wild wild west!

The wild west was a rough part of America. Shoot-outs and saloon fights were a daily occurance. there were lots of outlaws an every town had a sheriff. Most women earned their living with prostitution or in saloons. But there were also elegant ladies whose husbands adored them and who wouldn't need to work at all.

The Confederate Lady Costume is the outfit of one of those elegant ladies. The skirt and puff sleeves of the ankle-length dress are made of shiny grey cloth with a layer of black tulle, the top is made of shiny white cloth. The sexy neckline of this costume is covered with transparent black tulle and features a fluffy white trim with black details. The Confederate Lady Costume also includes a beautiful belt matching the lovely hat. The black and white hat has a large brim with white fluff detail. Of course an elegant Southern lady needs someone to take her to the fancy dress ball, so we recommend our Rodeo Cowboy Costume. M for your partner. He should carry a revolver in case he has to defend your reputation.

Material: 100 % polyester