Teasing Monkey Child Costume Gr. M

Item #: 16026 M

Teasing Monkey Child Costume Gr.M

Ever since the movie Curious Monkey and the resulting television series for kids are these primates very popular with the little ones.But even so are monkeys and especially their young due to the similar behavior of the favorites of all children.The mischievous monkey Child Costume consists of the brown plush bodysuit with hood on which the funny monkey ears attached.Due to the superb craftsmanship and the high quality material that comes to the use of this beautiful costume stands out in particular.To hug is also the Fluffy Lamb Child Costume M or Herziger Bernard Child Costume M .

Material: 100% Polyester

Size: M

The costumes from the Premium Collection are characterized by a high-quality processing from.The fabrics used are valent and harder, there are materials such as Rayon , Velvet, Brocade , Chiffon, Tricot fabric and lace are used to partially rich embroidered and decorated with beautiful decorative borders and they are usually sealed with proper zippers or buttons