Sulfur Zombie Mask made of foam latex

Item #: 15362

Sulfur Zombie Mask made of foam latex

Sulfur Zombie Mask shows the face with a chemical burns caused by acid.

The Zombie Mask has a yellowish, black paint ,The creepiness by high cheekbones, deep eye sockets and protruding ears can be the scary mask very realistic.From victim to offender with this horror mask you can play different roles.

Sulfur Zombie Mask is a breathable, hand-painted foam latex mask, which means you do not sweat so easily, and the facial expression of the wearer remains partially.Sulfur Mask Zombie has a very good fit and is the exceptional paint extremely striking and achieves the desired creepiness.Combine the Halloween mask Horror Zombie Costume or Zombie Doctor 3D Deluxe Costume ,These sulfur Zombie Mask is perfect for Carnival, Halloween, zombie walk or the ghost train.

Material: Foam Latex