Wilhelm Busch Mask Max

Item #: 8800195

Wilhelm Busch Mask Max

This rascal mask brings "Max and Moritz" back to life!

We all know Wilhelm Busch's illustrated story Max and Moritz which was first published in 1865. With our Wilhelm Busch Mask Max you can turn yourself in the tubby, brown-haired rascal in no time at all. Max and Moritz are infamous for their boyish pranks until this very day, so their faces are a perfect disguise for carnival and Halloween!

Our Wilhelm Busch Mask Max is made of thermoformed plastic and features a thin rubber band attached to the mask's ears for easy fastening. The mask has eye, nose and mouth holes for unobstructed vision and to facilitate breathing. As we all grew up on the Max and Moritz stories, every generation is familiar with them, although they have been around for quite some time now. So, naturally things do not finish here, but we say: "This was the first initial trick, but then the second follows quick" and recommend you match your Wilhelm Busch Maske Ma with the Wilhelm Busch Mask Moritz !

Material: plastic

Size: standard adult size

Measurements: approx. 22 cm x 23 cm