Glamour Cat Mask together white

Item #: 16967

Glamour Cat Mask together white

The Glamour Cat Mask together with white satin from cardboard.

This sweet half-mask makes the nu a purring kitten from you.The sexy cat mask is held with a rubber band, it is decorated with many rhinestones, has a separate glittering stone studded snout with whiskers made of wire and white feather fluff in the ears.

The animal mask is perfect for the concert as Cat Womans Wiedersacherin.Suitable for the catmask were our Cat Eye Contact Lenses ,Ideal for occasions like Mardi Gras, Halloween and of course the next visit to the swingers club.Even more erotic masks like the Catwoman mask black in different colors or the White satin Face mask you'll find in the horror

Material: Satin finished cardboard, wire, rubber band, rhinestones, marabou