Verstrahltes Schoolgirl Wig

Item #: 20487

Verstrahltes Schoolgirl Wig

Your wig can dance the Geiger counter

Show the world what can wreak nuclear power and Please bang you the wig expose to radiation schoolgirl.The very real horror of a nuclear disaster is rotated funny towards the irradiated schoolgirl for Halloween.The dirty gray locks of teens are evidence of the power of gamma rays, some green streaks let the disaster in the hairstyle look even worse.

The verstrahltes schoolgirl wig is a wig made of dirty gray hair.In some places, are bright green strands that are supposed to represent large nuclear contamination.The wig has a fringe on the sides the hair is curly and hangs down to about shoulder height down.With a Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform L or Cosplay Costume 2 pieces you already have a costume for the worst case scenario, with a few Mary Janes Pumps White Gr. 36/37 and a few White Knee Highs and a Cybergoth Gas Mask is the student irradiated perfect.

  • Material : Synthetic Hair
  • Color : White, light green