Beehive Wig Pink

Item #: 8801318

Beehive Wig Pink

A pink bomber as a wig?

The early sixties called the Beehive Hairstyle and B-52 after an American bomber whose front similar to what looked like the hairstyle.Only the pink bomber was probably never quite the contrast to the pink Beehive Wig that can beat each Sixties costume with the authentic hairstyle.

The Beehive pink wig is an impressive tower hairstyle for fans of the sixties and the band The B-52s.The pink hair billowing above the ponies about 40 cm in height, on the sides so they just cover their ears.Rear still drop a few remaining hair down to the neck.The wig fits great with costumes such as the Swinging Sixties GoGo Dress M , The Sixties Dress Black and White L and the Flower Power Girl Costume Medium .

  • Material : Synthetic Hair
  • Color : Pink
  • Height : About40 cm