Banshee Long-Hair Wig Deluxe

Item #: 19173

Banshee Long-Hair Wig Deluxe

This omen of death comes in silver-grey curls!

In Irish folklore a banshee is a feminine spirit usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the Otherworld.  Mostly she appears as a pale lady with long whitish or black hair, her eyes reddened from crying. On Halloween you can join in her wailing with this deluxe wig.

This synthetic hair wig with soft, over shoulder-length curls is silverish grey. Due to neat workamnship, the hairnet is hardly visible under the hair which makes this beautiful wig a deluxe costume accessory. Match your wig with our Death Fairy Costume Size M/L and the Devil Contact Lenses and turn yourself into an authenti banshee whose wailing will give people the creeps.

  • extraordinary Halloween wig made of soft synthetic hair
  • a stylish curls wig for all kinds of vampiress and grey lady costumes

Material: synthetic hair, size: 14 and over, length: shoulder-length