Mountain Patrol Rifle 81 cm

Item #: 69525

Mountain Patrol Rifle 81 cm

Realistic looking toy gun a Rangers

If there is trouble again in the Wild West, may be the Ranger Mountain Patrol Rifle save your life.With the fantastic looking toy gun as a costume accessory or decoration weapon you convince a cowboy, Ranger or hunters.With the gun you gladden large and small gunslingers and Wild West fans just like adventurer and role-play participants.

The excellent quality of the Mountain Patrol rifle is distinguished by its excellent workmanship, the imposing size of 81 cm and using metal barrel and drum.The scope and the handle of the gun is made of plastic and has a distinctive feel and texture.Loading realistic effect with 12 rounds of ammunition rings toy gun for a loud bang provides.24 ammunition rings a 12 shot not included

Package included: 1 x Mountain Patrol Rifle

  • Color: Brown
  • Size: ca.81 cm
  • 12 Shot Gun
  • Good quality
  • Very robust
  • Looks deceptively real
  • Fits comfortably in hand
  • Game fun for kids of all ages
Caution: Do not use near the ear.Abuse can lead to hearing damage! Do not shoot indoors.Only from manufacturers use recommended toys ammunition.,