Lace jabot

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Lace jabot

White ruffled collar of a gentleman or judge

Judges in the 19thCentury wore long robes and around the neck, a white lace jabot.Quick turned out that makes it seem not only one official clothing in the right light, but also as a fashion accessory for both men and women a noble garment for the exquisite ball

The white jabot is made of a finely woven lace fabric and sewn with a carrier.The 29 cm long bib is firmly tied at the neck with two straps and can be easily worn over a shirt.The Edler Graf Premium Costume is the perfect costume to put around your white jabot off in

Product Information:
  • Package included: tips Jabot
  • Color: white
  • Size: Length: approx29 cm - Width: approx14 cm
  • Length of the fastener tapes: ca40 cm