Halloween Glow Stick Witch

Item #: 18057

Halloween Glow Stick Witch

The LED Halloween glow stick is perfect to light the way in collecting sweets

Security is super important, especially in the dark.With this light stick the little Halloween in the dark noticeable and can be seen for the traffic. The LED bar has various light levels and you can select this themselves.First, the rapid flickering comes in 3 colors, then the slow color change, it goes on with permanent lights in red, and finally provides the Halloween glow stick witch each red, green and blue flash.The spooky Glowstick is coated with an orange film which is printed with black witch on her broomstick and many small bats.

Another Halloween light rod is our Knicklicht Glowstick As Lightstick Which, together with our Glow in the Dark UV Deco Spray super creepy Glow promises effects for your Halloween Party.The Halloween Glow Stick Witch is also suitable for the Walpugisnacht as witches decoration.

  • Dimensions: 40 cm long and 4 cm in diameter
  • Material: Polyfoam