Blütenkette Hawaii

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Blütenkette Hawaii

By Blütenschmuck the Hawaii Beach Party may

The perfect accessory for any South Seas beauties and Maorii ruler is the Blütenkette Hawaii, just the perfect costume accessory.In combination with a hula skirt green and a Sexy Shell Bikini Top one is quickly dressed for celebrate Carnival and Carnival.

Also the very popular Mr ballet is great advice with this carnival accessory.Together with a Black Long-haired wig with bangs sexy hula dancer or to the Jungle King.The carnival costume accessory consists of countless fabric flowers in the most beautiful colors of the South Seas.The beautiful Hawaiian flower chain is sorted by color, the color can not be selected.

  • Color: Yellow, Pink / Yellow / White, Pink / White, Purple / white / yellow; Color selection is random
  • Length of the chain: approx. 50cm
  • Material: polyester