Bellydressed Doll Sean

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    Bellydressed Doll Sean

    Classic hand doll with movable mouth and rod guide

    With the bellydress doll Sean you have a new character for your puppet theater. With a little skill, you can lend your voice and gesture to the belly dolls Sean. The naughty belly talker doll thus has the possibility to entertain your audience with a vocal talk with movement and patter.

    The approx. 80 cm large bellydress doll Sean is perfect as a party gag and for entertaining children. The big hand doll, with black hair and sweet eyebrows, is fully mobile and can perform additional movements on a staff attached to a hand of the bellydress doll. The mouth of the cute bellydresses doll Sean is moved by hand, to your language. The cuddly appearance of the soft doll makes this the darling of all spectators. Fitting to that would be Ventriloquist's dummy Brandon and the Bellydressed Doll Raven ,

    Scope of delivery: 1 x Bauchrednerpuppe Sean

    • Colour: Blue, red, black, skin color
    • Size: approximately 80 cm x 24 cm
    • Material: 100% polyester
    • Full-motion, hand-held, movable mouth