Breaking Bad

"Breaking Bad" is one of the best series the tv landscape has to offer. Here come the officially licensed "Breaking Bad" masks for all fans of the series.

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Breaking Bad Masks

Breaking Bad on the rise

It was the great conception, the complex characters and the black humour of American tv series "Braking Bad" that convinced critics and fans likewise. The series evolves around Walter White, a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Teaming with small-time criminal Jesse Pinkman, he turns to producing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family's economic wellbeing.

Breaking Bad Masks - Walter White and Jesse Pinkman

It is mainly the protagonist's transformation from an average person into a ruthless criminal that fascinates most Breaking Bad fans. Walter's original reason - to secure the financial future of his family - becomes more and more a mere pretext to enjoy the life of crime he has turned to. With our Breaking Bad Masks with the features of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman you too an turn yourself into a drug dealer and show that you are a true fan of this unique tv series.

Turn yourself into down-and-dirty Heisenberg with our Breaking Bad Masks

Walter White has chosen the pseudonym Heisenberg - a name that has become iconic among fans. Get the real Heisenberg look with one of our Breaking Bad Masks and haunt your hometown in the disguise of the notorious meth cook.

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