Mini Pumpkin Basket 12 St.

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Mini Pumpkin Basket 12 St.

Pumpkin bucket as Halloween Party Accessories

Halloween course requires a sensational table decoration to the little ghosts and witches to delight and to table.The small mini pumpkin basket suitable to outstanding! Top the little pumpkins are filled with many sweets and confectionery and with schaurigem vermin as our Black plastic spiders (144 pcs) . Cockroaches 10 Pack or Gray latex mouse mixed and then placed as creepy decoration on the plate.

The Mini pumpkin basket falling from not too large, so that practically the number of confectionery is also portioned perfectly and the tooth fairy does not get sugar rush.The small mini pumpkin baskets are also ideally suited to fill this in advance with sweets and then to distribute them to the scary ghosts, knock the Nächtens at the door.

1 x Pumpkin Basket Set
  • Content: 12 pieces
  • Size: approx. 7cm diameter
  • Material: plastic