Rotting Zombie Skull Boris

Item #: 16865

Rotting Zombie Skull Boris

Skull decoration for Halloween

Child head Large verotteter Zombie Skull Boris with left-sided hervorquellendem, lidlosem eyeball.The rotten and ashen zombie skull is from polyfoam and has straw-synthetic hair and has a realistic aussehndes plastic eye sitting on the left side in the bloody eye socket.

The zombie skull head is a really cool, can not be overlooked, yet very affordable decorative items for every Halloween party and a must for every horror Fete.Many items such as the Zombie Zombie Costume Deluxe 3D or the Crawling Zombie Santander Waist you'll find in the horror

  • Head size ca.19 cm high, 19 cm deep and 14 cm wide.
  • Material: Polyfoam and synthetic hair