Hanging Latex mummy

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Hanging Latex mummy

Scraps mummy as Halloween Decoration

Once the most important high priest in ancient Egypt it was his crime, the love of the daughter of Pharaoh, doomed to cruel of all deaths and was embalmed alive.Since then, she takes bloody revenge among the living in search of his princess.

The classic Halloween decoration of 90 cm long mummy has a black rag dress, bloody Glubschaugen and flexible arms for hanging.The mummy is made of latex and fabric.Who is more at bone men fetches Creepy Reaper Red Hanging Prop 45cm . Creepy Reaper Hanging Prop 45cm and the Scary Plague Reaper Hanging Prop 45cm into the house.

1 x Hanging Latex mummy
  • Size about.90 cm
  • Material: Latex & Fabric