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Granny Latex Mask

Item #: 17782

Granny Latex Mask

Our Granny is a sly old dog. She's done a runner from the old people's home again and now she's downtown Munich painting the town red. Old Albert Mask with Wig is with her, they escaped the nursery home together. The two of them are members in the pensioner comedy show Old Ass Bastards. The lusty old folks would do anything to slag off some youngsters. The Granny Latex Mask looks a little like an old dairymaid. Her whimsical smile makes you think she's just a friendly gran, but she really is a tough old cookie. The grandmother mask is the perfect costume accessory for lots of fancy dress and carnival costumes or for nasty grandma outfits on Halloween. Besides the Granny Latex Mask you'll find lots of grandpa masks for your grandad companion at the Horror Shop. E.g. the Opa mask Toothless and the Zombie Grandpa Mask.

The wig is not included.

Material: latex