With our licensed Superman merchandise you an fight crime and are guaranteed to look cool at this year's Halloween parties.

Superman Costumes and Supergirl Accessories

Officially licensed Superman Costumes

In his normal life as newspaper journalist Clark Kent DC Comics' model-hero Superman springs into action whenever a crime is shaking the city of Metropolis.  If you too want to turn yourself into a super-strong superhero, we recommend the Superman Costumes and Accessories from our shop.

Superman Costumes, College Jackets and Accessories

On Halloween, superheroes are all the rage - after all they have (like many fantastic beings) impressive super powers. Have a look at our Superman Costumes for boys and men and the black and blue College Jacket with logo or check out the cool muscle shirt and accessories like the light up Metal Ring and the Superman Bag - you may find something useful!

Superman Costumes and Supergirl Accessories

Even the girls will not miss out on super merchandise! have a look at the Supergirl Costume for women and girls and join Superman in his fight against sinister villains!  As you can see, there are quite a few officially licensed Superman Costumes which might be particularly interesting for movie fans.