Dr. Shots Nurse Costume. S / M

Item #: 15335 SM

Dr.Shots Nurse Costume.S / M

With the hot sister things are going in the emergency room

The sexy nurse in her Dr.Shots Nurses costume you call it happy times as Nachtschweater at his bedside.From Dr.Shots Nurses are nevertheless very much a syringe and pats give.The short, white, sexy sister smock Dr.Shots Nurses costume is aptly named Dr. Shots Costume printed and has four loops that serve as holders for the accompanying syringes.

The four syringes can with various liquids such as Bottle of Blood Fake Blood , Soda or alcohol are filled.By Dr.Shots Nurses costume can party until the doctor comes.The stethoscope and syringes are supplied with the Dr.Shot nurse costume included.Fishnet tights and shoes not included.

  • Size S / M 36-38 Material: 100% Poylester