Straitjacket Deluxe

Item #: 20040

Straitjacket Deluxe

The straitjackets costume is a real eye catcher and will give you something at every party that certain

This Fake straitjacket, it seems as if you were erupted directly from the Irrenanstallt.Irritated and amazed looks are guaranteed with this outfit.Whether for Halloween, carnival or theme parties, with the straitjacket Deluxe you have an outfit can be worn by you auffällst guaranteed.

The 3-piece costume set for men consists of a straitjacket, three belts made of synthetic leather and a Schnürgurt.The straitjacket is made of a polyester-cotton blend and earned their solid processing cope the addition deluxe.The cream-colored Psycho jacket is closed at the front with three leather-like straps.The sleeves have snap buttons with which you are fixed to the jacket.With the cotton belt, the arms are also tied, so that any movement is impossible.Alternatively, this can be used as a torture psycho outfit costume.With our fake blood Bottle of Blood Fake Blood and the Hannibal muzzle Economy is the straitjacket of the ultimate horror costume

Product Information:

  • Delivery: 3-piece costume set from straitjacket, 3 leather-like belt and a cloth belt
  • Material: Polyester / cotton / leather
  • Color: cream
  • Size: one size; Total length about70 cm, sleeve length about80 cm, shoulder width about44 cm, Waist width about44 cm.