Gothic Fairy Princess M

Item #: 16824 M

Gothic Fairy Princess Kids Costume M

Black Gothic Fairy Costume Cap

The Gothic fairy princess costume seduces you into the realm of fantasy.What young girl does not dream of good fairies and strong prince residing in a gr0ßen Royal Castle? This Gothic fairy princess costume dreams come true and the world of fairy tales closer.The Gothic fairy costume is a noble and elegant blend of good fairy and small Gothic Witch.

The Gothic fairy costume consists of bodemlangen black dress, the decorated skirt with taffeta and tulle, while the bodice with cobwebs design causes a stir.The special feature of Gothic Fairies Children costume are the black, contained with the delivery wing and two gauntlets.This very nice Halloween costume You are unrivaled and can take up the fight against witches and wizards.Even Harry Potter would you probably be at your feet, if you hit him in the costume Gothic Fairy Princess.

Particularly well suited to the Gothic Fairies Princess Child Costume our set of black Black nail polish and lipstick . Fingernails black bloody and the Victorian brocade blouse with jabot

  • Size M corresponds to ca.6-8 years
  • Material.100% Polyester