Stone Age hunter costume Premium

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Stone Age hunter costume Premium

5-part Neanderthal men costume for cavemen

Neanderthals were hunters and gatherers, they lived in caves and have discovered fire and used it to your advantage.Stone Age people hunted and gathered all they could find.On Carnival parties Neanderthal costumes are far from extinct and enjoy high popularity

The excellent Stone Age hunter costume consists of 5 parts and has earned first-class processing the additional premium.The shirt in Tiger Optics is serrated on the sleeves and abdomen, through which it makes it seem it would happen in a fight.The excellent hunter costume has a standard size and can be worn easily over a pair of jeans or similar pants.To complete your costume, we have the Neanderthal Giant Stone Age lobe and the Stone Age Sledge Hammer in stock

Product Information:

  • 1 x Stone Age hunter costume consisting of:
    1 x Neanderthal Shirt
    1 x Neanderthal pants
    1 pair of fur tulips
    1 x Belt
    1 x Bracelet
  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Size: One Siz, pants with elastic