Undertaker Foamlatex mask

Item #: 14542

Undertaker Foamlatex mask

Photorealistic foam latex mask of a Fieslings

The venerable funeral was a day not suspected to bury all the bodies, but to sell off a portion of the lifeless body of experimental laboratories.To date, we do not really know how many Ghoul Latex Mask have been desecrated in this manner.Will the undertaker mask for spiteful grandfather, angry grandpa or other nasty character.The realistic face mask helps you quickly to another person to transform without the elaborate make-up is necessary.

The funeral mask is made of breathable foam latex, and the carrier thus does not sweat so easily.The soft material has a good fit and retains some of the facial expressions of the support at.The funeral mask is characterized by your extreme comfort.

  • Materi al: Foam Latex
  • Size: Full head mask
  • breathable