Hohle Birne Clown Mask

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Hohle Birne Clown Mask

Extremely comfortable to wear foam latex mask a political clown

The Hohle Birne Clown is an impressive clown mask Foamlatex and is strongly reminiscent of our Helmut Kohl, who has probably seen the glass too deep again.The meticulous clown mask the stupid three peep forming fun maker is hand painted and very high quality.

The super soft face mask is made of breathable, skin-colored foam latex, has a pretty good fit and also transmits a portion of the facial expression of the wearer.In addition, the foam latex material is breathable than normal latex mask which you can not easily sweats.With the brilliant foam latex masks you turn yourself quickly in a completely different person, without being equally obvious that you are wearing a mask!

  • Material: Foam Latex Latex