Zombie Werewolf Hands
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Zombie Werewolf Hands

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Zombie Werewolf Hands

Here are the Zombie Werewolf Hands to match your Zombie Werewolf Mask! These are the latex hands of a horrible creature, the result of a failed experiment. This monster came into being when scientists tried to create a super soldier by inserting wolf DNA into a human. The first human guinea pig didn't survive the experiment but his half decayed body came back to life and now, in a furious rage, the abominable manwolf creature tries to dismember, kill and eat any living being he comes across. The Halloween hands of this zombie werewolf crossbreed are made with lots of attention to detail. The horror gloves are covered with big wounds and show the monster's state of decay. The latex gloves have long sharp claws and reach up the elbows. Of course the Zombie Werewolf Hands can be used for any other horrible monster, too. Match them e.g. with the  Captain Lester Zombie Mask or the Rotten Zombie Mask from our shop.

Material: latex