College Jacket Batman

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College Jacket Batman

Super jacket for super hero fans

Bruce Wayne, the billionaire, Batman is at night, and promotes the sciences during the day.He donates a college in Gotham City, a new department for forensics.Because the head of the department is a huge Batman fan, he can make for his students the Batman college jackets.The suddenly become a huge hit throughout Gotham City and the Department of Criminology earned a lot of money with the jacket.A Batman fan this jacket will not do.

The Batman College jacket has a black center and yellow sleeve.Links on the chest is the yellow and black Batman logo seen in small, on the back it can be admired again in size.The jacket is closed with seven chrome snaps.Sleeves, collars, pockets and collar are again decorated with yellow stripes.The jacket is made from 100% cotton.Who does not want to just be a fan, but would go directly into the gap of The Dark Knight, which may with the Batman Costume Deluxe Who better times is an evil, should the Joker Dark Knight Costume. M / L 52-54 consider.And who finds other superheroes better, is probably due to a College Jacket black Superman interested.

  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Color Black, Yellow
  • Sizes : M, L, XL
Dimensions M L XL
Total length approx. 73 cm approx. 75 cm approx. 78 cm
Shoulder width approx. 47 cm approx. 48 cm approx. 50 cm
Waist approx. 47cm approx. 50 cm approx. 53 cm
Arm length approx. 57 cm approx. 60 cm approx. 63 cm