Oktoberfest Posters and Banners

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Oktoberfest Posters and Banners

Get ready to order a picture of a beer

The Bavarian beer is really tasty, so there are fans all over the world.A true fan is a poster hanging from his object of desire in the parlor.The largest beer festival in the world, the Oktoberfest in Munich, is a particularly obvious motive for the beer connoisseur.

The Oktoberfest poster shows a filled beer mug with decent foam crown and the coat of arms of the Bavarian lion.Against the background of blue and white diamond pattern is above the pitcher "Ein Prosit" and underneath the strange-looking "I (pretzel image) Oktoberfest".On the banner on the left and right respectively of the lion can be seen between blue diamonds is once again the word Oktoberfest written in Gothic letters.More decoration ideas are the Bavarian diamond pattern wall film white / blue , The Decoration Set Bavaria 16-piece and the Oktoberfest Pretzel Hanging Garland .

  • Scope of delivery : Posters, banners
  • Material : Plastic
  • Color : White, Blue, beer
  • Dimensions Posters : Height 122 cm, width 76 cm
  • Dimensions Banner : Length 120 cm, height 20 cm