Stock Flag NATO small

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Stock Flag NATO small

An international symbol for the concert as a soldier

Next year, NATO celebrates its 65thBirthday.Others go at this age to retire, NATO continues.Whether in the crisis areas of the world or in high politics, NATO is everywhere.With the NATO flag to accompany you ragst out at the next costume party as an international soldier.

The flag consists of dark blue fabric.In the center on the front and back is the emblem of NATO, the white compass rose imprinted.The black varnished floor and the yellow flags painted tip made of wood.Fits additonally with us Navy Seal Costume and the Army Helmet .

  • Stock length: approx. 110cm
  • Flag Length: approx. 40 x 60cm (height x width)
  • Material Flag: 100% Polyester
  • Material floor: Wood